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Apple announces 500 new jobs over the next 18 months at its European base in Cork. Minister Bruton says "its a huge boost for the country".
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The Government has launched an ambitious jobs plan that aims to create 100,000 new positions by 2016 and a further 100,000 by 2020. The full programme includes a total of 270 measures to be delivered this year in 15 Government Departments and 36 State agencies.
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Unemployment Information

Unemployment in Ireland is affecting a large number of the labour force. With an estimated 14% of people now unemployed in Ireland, we want to assist users in any way we can to make the transition a bit easier and to provide all the required information from one place including information on welfare payments and the recent changes, redundancy information, have you been made unemployed recently - what do you do?, support services, job listing sites, job vacancies, entrepreneur and franchise listings. We also have a host of useful links to other relevant websites throughout the site.

Please register for our unemployment newsletter where you will be sent up to date information on new job vacancies, training and support information from our affiliates and a host of other useful information.

Welfare/Social Welfare and what payments people are entitled to. All the latest information on how    budget 2012 will effect the unemployment  welfare payments you receive on Job seekers Benefit / Allowance. Detailed description of Job Seekers Benefit and Job Seekers allowance.

What is Job Seekers Allowance and Job Seekers Benefit and which should I apply for? Job Seekers Benefit is a weekly.... Since 15 October 2008, Jobseeker's Benefit can be paid for a maximum of 12 months (312 days) to people who have at least....Read more.

With the number of individuals being made redundant it is imperative that the procedure is known and understood by both parties involved. A redundancy situation arises in general where an employee's job no longer exists and he/she is not replaced. An employee is entitled to two weeks pay for every year of service, with a bonus week added on, subject to the prevailing maximum ceiling on gross weekly pay (€600 with respect to redundancies notified/dec.....Read more.

Where can I calculate my redundancy payment? See the complete guide to redundancy payment scheme and see examples of redundancy payments and how they are worked here.


The 2012 Budget that was announced on the 6th December 2011 by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan and will have an impact on the majority of people in Ireland. Most areas of welfare payments remained untouched but, children allowances and Fas training scheme payments have been affected. Our simple budget table shows what the changes were and what the difference to each payment is going to be in 2012. Click here to view the table

Child Benefit changes:

Child benefit in Ireland will be reduced to € 140.00 per child including 3rd , 4th and subsequent children.
See table below:

Benefit type: Child benefit per child- monthly rates Budget Year 2011: Budget year 2012: Difference:
1st child € 140.00 € 140.00 No change
2nd child € 140.00 € 140.00 No change
3rd child € 167.00 € 140.00 € 27.00
4th & subsequent children € 177.00 € 140.00 € 37.00

Our support pages show how being made redundant can cause a huge range of emotions that most individuals will experience. Information on Mortgage arrears and what lenders procedures must be, by law, if your mortgage is in arrears. Contact details for mortgage support services, mortgage lenders and other support groups for those who are in financial here for more.

Jobs in Ireland, recruitment specialists and where to look. Franchise opportunities and Business start up advice. we have them all here. We are constantly updating our "News in brief" section with new job announcements that include contact details and links to the relevent employers website.

With unemployment increasing, Emigration is increasing dramatically as so many people are forced to look abroad for employment, if you are considering it, it is essential that you do as much research prior to departure.
But where do you find the information and contacts to help obtain Visas, to advise where the hot spots are for employment in Australia , New  Zealand or Canada. Professional advice will assist you in your decision if you are considering emigration. click here.

Visit our forum where you can get support and advice from unemployed individuals in similar positions to you who may have gone through a similar situation and who may be able to advise you of the pitfalls or steps to avoid. Success stories and hearing how people are getting their lives back on track by way of employment , self employment etc. is a fantastic way to motivate yourself! Knowing that other people in positions similar to yours have in fact been successful. Visit our forum and post your comment:

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Use as many support branches as you can. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help and be specific about what you are looking for - people will help you!

Educate yourself
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Educate yourself. If you have been made redundant use the free time to upskill. Contact FAS and they will provide you with a range of courses that are available to you.

Move forward
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Moving forward is an extremely important factor in progressing on your future path. Do not dwell on the past or who has wronged you. Remember that things will improve eventually and may improve quicker if you put your mind to it!

What are the latest figures?

What are the latest unemployment, new job and emigration figures for people in and who have left Ireland.
(Figures from: Central statistics office.

Unemployment rate in Ireland New Jobs announced Emigration
Q4 2010 - 13.57% Q4 2009 - Q4 2010 - 16,275 avg
Q1 2011 - 13.87% Q1 2010 - Q1 2010 - 16,325 avg
Q2 2010 - 13.20% Q2 2010 - Q2 2010 - 16,325 avg
Q3 2010 - 13.70% Q3 2010 - Q3 2010 - 16,325 avg

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